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I am a wife and a mother of 2 wonderful children, ages 3 and 7. I currently work as a part time pre-school teacher so I am able to spend more time at home with my kids.

The two things I love the most after my family and friends are reading and the beach. I am reading my way through the list of 1001 Books to Read Before You Die. It has helped me expand my knowledge of literature and exposes me to authors I would not normally read.

While I can't say that I love exercising, I do enjoy the way it feels when I am done and the health benefits that come along with a regular work out. I am now training for my first triathlon and I love competing in various races.

Please feel free to leave me any constructive criticism as my main goal is to learn and grow as a writer.



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    Allergies and Exercise

    7 months ago

    Do you sometimes feel like you are allergic to exercise? Can exercise being making you sick? Here are explanations for why working out may be making you feel worse.

  • 5

    Tips For Traveling With Kids Who Get Car Sick

    7 months ago

    Traveling with children isn't easy especially if they suffer from car sickness. Here are some tips to help you travel with children who suffer from motion sickness.

  • 18

    How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight Naturally

    10 months ago

    Here are some tips on how to help your cat lose weight and live healthy. Every cat deserves at least one good life out of nine.

  • 11

    How To Make A Q-Tip Snowflake

    16 months ago

    The winter season is upon us and with it brings colder temperatures and the beauty of newly fallen snow. When the air is too chilly and the kids are stuck inside then there are fun things to do inside while they wait...

  • 13

    Quotes From Oprah's Life Class

    13 months ago

    Oprah's Life Class has imparted many lessons to viewers around the world. The words and quotes from each episode seem to resound with people and stay in our minds long after the show airs. Here are some Oprah's Life...

  • 10

    Why You Should Particpate In A Mud Run Or Obstacle Course Race

    8 months ago

    As mud races and obstacle courses become more popular, many people are thinking about attempting one. This article highlights all the reasons you should sign up and get muddy!

  • 19

    Healthy Smoothie Recipe

    11 months ago

    Breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day and is the most important. Here is a recipe for a healthy smoothie whose ingredients are all belly fat fighting super foods!

  • 11

    How To Get Abs Like Pink

    13 months ago

    Getting in shape after having a baby is hard to do. It takes dedication and hard work to get the body you want. Pink is a great example of how hard work can pay off. Here are pracical tips on how to get abs like Pink.

  • 8

    How To Make Tie-Dyed Pumpkin T-Shirts

    7 months ago

    Follow these easy steps to make cute pumpkin shirts this fall season!

  • 14

    15 Inspirational Quotes From Iyanla Vanzant

    16 months ago

    My favorite quotes by inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant.

  • 11

    Publix: Where Shopping Truly Is A Pleasure

    9 months ago

    Grocery shopping isn't always fun or easy. Here are reasons why I think Publix is the best choice when it comes time to go food shopping.

  • 14

    10 Fun Ways to Surprise your Kids

    15 months ago

    Here are ten different fun activities that any parent can do to suprise their kids. It doesn't require alot of money to spend time with your kids and enjoy the small moments in life.

  • 12

    How To Make Crafts From Melting Plastic Water Bottles

    17 months ago

    Here is a fun easy way to melt plastic water bottles and turn them into art. Warning: Melting plastic has proven to be very addicting.

  • 12

    Tips To Help Make Preparing For A Triathlon Easier

    7 months ago

    Competing in a triathlon requires disciplne and for most people alot of training. There are alot of details and tips to remember before, during, and after the race. Here are some things to remember not to do before the...

  • 22

    Tell Tale Signs Fall Has Come To Florida

    7 months ago

    Fall is just around the corner. Florida doesn't get to experience it in quite the same way as northerners. Here are some signs to look for while in Florida to know fall is here.

  • 16

    5 Ways To Live A More Conscious Life

    7 months ago

    It is easy to get bogged down in the stress of everyday living. Here you will find tips on how to live more simply and more conscious of the world around you.

  • 11

    Gluten Free Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Recipe

    18 months ago

    Here is an easy to make gluten free cake recipe. Serve as a dessert after a dinner party or enjoy it yourself the next morning. Can be served warm or cold.

  • 31

    Motivational Quotes and Tips to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

    18 months ago

    Here are quotes to help keep you motivated to exercise and challenge yourself.

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